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The Cherry Post

Today in my cherry post, I am going to unravel the art of critically thinking and turn it into one of my very own uncritical perceptions of this world. 

Lets face it people, the world is a catastrophe and even more mind boggling, networks get rich reporting it to you day in and day out.  Ok so I get it, were screwed all ready.  Im an Iraq War veteran who figured he’d find peace after escaping the bee hive known as the United States Military.  Boy was I wrong.

College has been tough people, I mean if there ever was a place that turned young adults into a depressed alcoholics!  Allow me to explain some brief encounters.  One day in biology our over excited professor decides that we ought to hear about the BIG BANG THEORY.  Hmm, OK?  Lets just say I hit the bottle soon after that video and lecture.  It was some where between jabs at poor old Adam and Eve and the triumphant cries of catastrophic implosions of nothingness that I decided Johnnie Walker knew more about the world than my biology professor.  So I left and walking through the quad heard the world conscious cries of those trying way to hard to improve the world and just at life in general!  I mean enjoy the material excess, the people creating the problems do!   Anyway’s I was tempted to explain that I had actually been to a third world nation, who’s population seemed pretty satisfied with their lives.  So satisfied, that they were actually trying to kill me and my friends, whom according to U.S. Government thought, are just hero’s trying to rebuild their poor nation? 

Do not take my Blog wrong people, I simply humor the uptight figures and situations involved in all this drama.  So if you’ve happen stumble across this blog, see it for what it is.  Its what I like to call creating humor in great divides.  So join the movement, uncritically unleash your passive-ism in order to end the depressing, uptight mental movements plaguing your good times! 

Moral of today’s post:  Do not feel guilty, the world is chaotic.